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Cursed Mountain

UX Research

UI Design

Brand Identity

2D Artist — Gabby Aidam
Developer — John Doe



Developed the UI/UX for an original platformer game with a focus on accessibility for Global Game Jam 2022.


Redesigned marketing website for users with visual impairments to market Tatum’s assistive communication tool for the DeafBlind community.


UX/UI Designer



Project Lead - Ally McCabe

Tech Lead - Lucy Bell
Design Lead - Naomi Desai

Developer - Rei Masuya



Tatum Robotics

06 / Design System

Component-Based Design System

02 / Empathize - User & Client Research

User Research & Business Goals

Target Audience - Problem Statements

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We looked through some pre-recorded interviews conducted with DeafBlind people by Tatum to better understand their everyday practices and struggles, along with their sentiments interacting with the Tatum product. Key interview linked here.

“I could understand things more clearly if I use tactile communication with a robot, even if there were no people there visiting me.”

“I am very good at this...I can imagine myself using this (Tatum Robot), especially at my house.” - Winnie

“If I’m stuck at home alone, I can watch TV...but the closed captioning is too fast for I get lost.” - Jaimi

Note: All quotes are interpreted from American Sign Language.

03 / Define - Needs & Opportunities

User's Major Demands


DeafBlind users have unique visual needs, and a conventional website’s content is inaccessible.



Tatum’s current branding and website come off as cold, technical, and lifeless. With efforts high on social impact, Tatum’s brand image should feel more warm and human (spanning from UX writing, visual brand, and accessibility).


All current content is piled on one page, resulting in a high cognitive load that can leave users overwhelmed and lost. The website needs more structure and support to help users find the information they need efficiently.


From our research, I defined our personas to represent our primary target audience, inspired by a DF person, Casandra, and secondary target, investors and businesspersons.

These videos are designed for children with visual impairments, using reduced visual complexity to present familiar stories and songs. I noticed many of them use a colored border to highlight text and increase legibility, something I kept in mind when designing the UI later in the process.

Studying Current Practices: Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Friendly Videos


After analyzing user research, I found that DeafBlind people...

Are eager to contribute and get involved in Tatum’s product development.


Find the website’s structure and content too overwhelming in cognitive load.


Need extra support and visual cues than a non-DeafBlind person to understand website content and functions


Brand Research

Through various brand exercises with the founder and the rest of the team, we identified Tatum’s brand values and needs that would become the foundation, combined with the user needs, to redesign their marketing website.


After analyzing brand research with Tatum, we found that Investors and Businesspersons...

Likely have little exposure to the DeafBlind community, should be educated on the DeafBlind community before Tatum Robotics is marketed to them.


Perceive the Tatum brand as very cold and technical, rather than human/social impact, a more accurate brand image


Are on a time-crunch, as Tatum is competing for their attention with other start-ups.



  1. Outreach: How might we reach users and funders outside of TR’s inner circle?

  2. TR’s Impact: How might we utilize the website as a tool to attract funding?

  3. Accessibility: How might we create a website that is accessible to all audiences, specifically those with cerebral impairments?

  4. Education on DeafBlindness: How might we get people to care about this product and cause? How might we educate people about deaf blindness?

  5. User-Centered Insights: How can we allow and support the deafblind community to offer product update suggestions?

04 / Ideation

Design Exploration

The team and I used our research to develop the information architecture, such as prioritizing education on the DeafBlind (“Community Resources”) over the marketing of the product (“Our Product”). In addition, having a “Get Involved” page with sections for distinct user groups.


Mid-Fi Wireframes